Trusted leaders from all across America have lined up to show their support for Gary Palmer. See the conservative local, national, and political groups who are supporting Gary.




“I have known and worked with Gary Palmer for years during my time in the Legislature and as Governor. He is the type of leader we should be excited to send to Washington. Alabamians know our federal government is in desperate need of reform, and I believe Gary will develop policies to do just that.  I know Gary is capable of this because he has already done it for Alabama.

 I appointed him to the Alabama Commission on Improving State Government, which helped me and other state leaders identify over $1 billion dollars in annual savings for taxpayers by reducing the cost of state government and increasing efficiency. This type of leadership is exactly what taxpayers need in Washington, that is why I am pleased to endorse Gary Palmer for Congress. ”

Gov. Robert Bentley

Governor of Alabama

“The time is now for those of us who believe that the founding fathers vision for this country was and still is correct to either become candidates or find and support candidates who share that same vision. Gary Palmer understands the original intent of our founding fathers concerning the role of the federal government.  He has real solutions on how to return our country to the path that has produced the highest standard of living in the history of the world. Gary Palmer doesn't just see the problems our country faces, but understands the answers to those problems. Gary is the type of candidate this country desperately needs at this point in our nation’s history.”

Rick Burgess

Host of the Rick & Bubba Show

“Because of my time in the Legislature, I have known Gary Palmer for years and have always appreciated his ability to bring new ideas and solutions to the table. Anyone who watches a debate or forum will quickly realize that Gary understands the important issues and his willingness to actually take a position on those issues makes him the only one prepared to lead in Washington.”


Senator Scott Beason

Former Congressional Candidate

and State Senator

"The two most important reasons that I support Gary Palmer are his commitment to term limits - this is not a lifetime appointment - and his advocacy of a robust economic development program for the 6th district. These fundamental and important things allow me to vigorously and without reservation endorse Gary Palmer to be the next Congressman for the 6th Congressional district of Alabama."

Will Brooke

Former Congressional Candidate

and Birmingham Businessman



"Gary understands policy inside and out, he is committed to restoring freedom to the market place and to all American citizens, and he has strong relationships with all the state policy institutes who in turn can help hold our elected officials accountable to the people who elect them."

Tom Vigneulle

Former Congressional Candidate

and Birmingham Businessman

You get to know your opponents on the campaign trail. If there’s one thing that’s clear about Gary Palmer, it’s that he’s in the business of getting conservative results and doing the right thing, no matter who blocks the path. Gary’s tirelessly advocated for conservative values in Alabama for over two decades. He’s a veteran of the movement, and he’ll be able to make a difference on the first day in Congress.

I have no doubt that he’ll go to Washington and be a consistent, rock-solid conservative who won’t kowtow at a time when we’re facing an onslaught on the American Dream. He’ll fight to repeal Obamacare and stand up to the Obama EPA’s war on coal.


Chad Mathis

Former Congressional Candidate

and Birmingham Doctor

"Gary would be a wonderful representative for us. He is very knowledgeable on the big issues we are facing and has the best understanding of the needed solutions. His years of heading up the Alabama Policy Institute with its excellent activities and research has made him very well grounded. Gary’s moral standards and values are desperately needed. I cannot think of a person better equipped to represent us. Let me encourage you to strongly support his campaign and to urge

others to join you. God bless you."


Dr. Frank Barker

Founding Pastor, Briarwood

Presbyterian Church


"My candidate has over 23 years of experience and a policy network across America, he will need no training once he gets to Washington. He will be ready to work for you.

That candidate is Gary Palmer.:


Irene Collins

Former Commissioner of Alabama
Department of Senior Services

"I would like to lend my support to Gary Palmer, running for the 6th Congressional District for the State of Alabama. There are a lot of good men in this race but to me there is only one best man. Gary can walk into Washington and have a network that he’s worked with for over 20 years pushing conservative values for our benefit. So I’m asking you to help get the word out … and let's vote Gary Palmer for Congress, 6th Congressional District for the State of Alabama."


Dr. Scott Dawson

Founder & President, Scott Dawson Evangelistic Association


"Gary Palmer is more than a friend.  We have been allies on many of the key policy issues of our time.  We are both from small towns in Alabama and have grown up with similar values.  Gary has been a leader on the key issues and his work has been an asset to me over the years.

             He is smart, hard-working and principled.  He will be an articulate and effective leader in Washington.  And, you can be sure of one thing:  the bright lights of Washington will not lure him away from the rock solid political principles he has ably advocated for years.

             I am pleased to endorse his election.


U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL)

"Gary has spent much of his career fighting to preserve our Constitutional rights, and I know he will take that commitment to our nation's capital.  He is devoted to ensuring the American dream is alive and well for future generations.  I look forward to fighting alongside him in the weeks

and months to come."


Rick Santorum

Former U.S. Senator, Republican presidential candidate, Chairman of Patriot Voices


"For years, Shirley and I have joined millions of people across America in praying that God would raise up leaders to restore this great nation. I am thrilled that Gary Palmer answered that call and has stepped up to offer his service to the people of Alabama's 6th District as their Representative in Congress. In the fight for the traditional values we hold dear, Gary Palmer has been a faithful warrior. For 24 years, he and Ann have served families across Alabama by standing for truth, speaking out for the unborn, and defending the family.  As a private individual, I am honored to endorse Gary Palmer for Congress, and pray that his election will be the start of a new generation of leaders who will return this nation to the constitutional principles upon which it was founded.” "


Dr. James Dobson

Founder of Focus on the Family


"It is an honor to endorse my friend Gary Palmer for Alabama’s 6th District as Gary has been battling for the conservative values of limited government and free markets for more than two decades. His accomplishments have set an example for small-government minded reformers across the nation. In Congress, Gary will be a staunch defender of the right to life and the sanctity of marriage. He is clearly a conservative who is ready to lead in Washington."


Mike Pence

Governor of Indiana

"Gary Palmer and I have been friends and collages and crusaders for freedom and growth for 15 or 20 years. I consider him one of my best friends and one of the smartest policy people not just in Alabama but

around the country."


Steve Moore

Economist and Author


“In Congress Gary will do more than vote the right way; Gary will be an impact player who will develop policy initiatives that will have a positive, lasting impact on the country. We desperately need leaders in Congress, and Gary Palmer will go to Washington and get important things done. I have known and worked with Gary for over 20 years, and I have boundless confidence in Gary's ability to advance conservative, Judeo-Christian principles in government. I am honored to support Gary Palmer for Congress in Alabama's Sixth Congressional District. I can recommend him to voters of faith without reservation.”

Ralph Reed

“Gary Palmer is the type of leader that our Constitution requires if it is to function properly. He understands its foundations, the limited government it establishes, and the Judeo-Christian principles on which it was built. In his 24 years as President of the Alabama Policy Institute, Gary has led the fight for conservative constitutional principles and traditional values. He won’t compromise those beliefs and he will stand up to the status quo in Washington D.C. Gary Palmer is the leader we need in Alabama’s 6th Congressional District.”

David Barton

Founder of Wallbuilders

"Gary Palmer has been on the front lines fighting for lower taxes, less government, the right to life and family values for years. He knows what government can do, and just as importantly, he knows what it cannot do.  Now more than ever, America needs representatives in Washington who understand the proper, limited role of government.

The voters of Alabama will have no greater champion for their commonsense,

conservative values than Gary Palmer.

He has led the fight for faith, family and freedom in Birmingham, and we need his courage and leadership in Washington.  I am proud to call Gary a friend, and I am honored to endorse his campaign for Alabama's Sixth Congressional District."


Gary Bauer

Chairman, Campaign for Working Families

“I am proud to support Gary Palmer in his bid for Congress in Alabama’s 6th District. Gary has taken strong stands on the principles of freedom and the family and will continue to do so in Washington, D.C. He will continue his life long fight on the important issues of the protection of the unborn, parental rights, and the preservation of traditional marriage. Gary Palmer is the type of leader that our country desperately needs.”


Michael Farris

Founder, Home School Legal Defense Fund & Chancellor of Patrick Henry College

“On behalf of our filve million members across the country, the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) is proud to endorse your candidacy fot the U.S. House of Representatives in Alabama's 6th Congressional District.


Based on your support of and commitment to the Second Amendment, you have earned an "AQ" rationg from NRA-PVF in the November 4, 2014, election. An "AQ" is reserved for a pro-gun cnadidate whose rating is based on pro-gun reponses to the NRA-PVF Candidate Questionnaire and is the hightest rating a candidate can receive without a voting record on Second Amendment issues.”


NRA Political Victory Fund

"Gary Palmer has a great understanding of complex policy issues as a result of his work for a political think tank. Real Estate issues can be quite complicated. In Congress, I have every confidence Palmer will to stand up for REALTORS®, homeowners, and private property rights. Mr. Palmer is exactly the type of person we need representing us in Washington”


Pam Segars-Morris,

President, Realtors Political Action Committee

“The Business Council of Alabama is proud to endorse Gary Palmer in his bid to serve of the people of Alabama’s Sixth District. The Business Council of Alabama believes Gary Palmer has the experience, work ethic, integrity, vision and proven leadership needed in the halls of Congress and enthusiastically supports his candidacy.”


The Business Council of Alabama

“National Right to Life is pleased to endorse Gary Palmer for election to the U.S. House of Representatives, to represent the 6th Congressional District of Alabama. Gary is a strong advocate for life. He supports pro-life legislation and opposes the use of federal funds for abortion. All voters who are concerned with the right to life and with the protection of the most vulnerable members of the human family should vote to send Gary Palmer to Congress, so he can work to advance vital pro-life public policies.”


National Right to Life

“At no other time in our nation’s history has it been more critical that members of Congress provide leadership that protects and advances the interests of the business community. Gary Palmer’s election to the U.S. House of Representatives will help produce sustained economic growth, help create more jobs and get our country back on track.”


U.S. Chamber of Commerce

“This election is not only critical to the small-business owners in your district, but also to protecting free enterprise across America. On behalf of all NFIB members, we look forward to standing with Gary as he continues to stand with small businesses..”


National Foundation of

Independent Business

“We are proud to support Gary Palmer in Alabama’s 6th Congressional District run-off election. Gary is a principled conservative who will be a respected voice in Congress on day one. He is ready to confront our nation’s addiction to wasteful spending and make the tough budgetary decisions in order to get us back on the right fiscal path. Gary will defend the Constitution, fight for individual liberty, and push policies that promote economic growth. I urge all voters in the 6th District to vote for Gary Palmer on July 15th.”


Citizens United Political Victory Fund

"In Alabama, Gary has been involved in transitioning Alabama from a People’s Republic of Democrats to a free market, limited government system. He has been a conservative ideas man at the Alabama Policy Institute. He has been willing to stand up to Republicans in Alabama and will, no doubt, do the same in Washington."


Erick Erickson

Editor, RedState.com

Trucking Political Action Committee

“We are pleased to endorse Gary Palmer for Congress in the 6th District of Alabama. These are challenging times. Our economy has been decimated. The culture has been challenged beyond all reasonable limits. The strong, conservative men and women elected in 2010 and 2012 need reinforcements. Gary Palmer has compiled a consistent record while serving as a policy leader in Alabama. His position on the life issue reflects his concern for mother and child. Furthermore, his support for marriage as between one man and one woman is supported by the majority of Americans. We are confident Gary will continue to be a strong advocate for limited government, for individual and religious liberties and for traditional family values. We are, once again, pleased to offer Family Research Council Action PAC’s endorsement of Gary Palmer for Congress.”

Tony Perkins'

Family Research Council PAC


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